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Blogs & Bulletins
EVWorld Logo EV WORLD:   The Future in Motion
Josh Levin’s Blogs on EV World:

MagLev Vs Hyperloop

MagLev vs. Hyperloop — Technical Discussion

hexOgrid Transportation Network

How the Tragedy in the Bronx Would Not Have Happened with MagLev

United States Government Research Opportunities for Small Businesses:

Dept. of Defense Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) due April 9 (now closed)

Dept. of Transportation Small Business Innovative Research (STTR) due April 4 (now closed)

Clean-Energy Investment Opportunities

Green Car Reports
“Cleaner Greener Driving”

Buying guide for Hybrid & Electric Cars
Hybrid Cars

Cleantech News
Cleantech News
Solar – Wind – EV

“Bridging the gap between gear heads and green heads.”
Gas2 Blog

“…a celebration of human endeavor…”

Explanation of LeviCar’s Hexagrammoid Grid

Sci-Am 20 World-Changing Ideas LeviCar's entry into Scientific American's World-Changing Ideas (WCI) contest (Video 4:59)

WEEC Logo LeviCar's Poster Presentation at WEEC, the World Energy Engineering Congress, 2009 Nov. 5

EVWorld Logo The first published article about LeviCar:  “The Perfect Synthesis”  EV World, 2004 September 13, (with valuable comments by EV World's readers)

The MagLev Vacation — Read the engaging story of one of the first families to use LeviCar to go on a Florida vacation in the year 2017.

Four Planets “Press Releases” based on the “Four Planets”

Antecedents & Allies
MagLev200 (Danby-Powell)
Gordon T. Danby, Ph.D.
James R. Powell, Ph.D.
Fight for Maglev (book)
Fight for Maglev
Maglev America (book)
Maglev America
In the news…
Danby and Powell on Flickr Jim Powell on FoxNews
Danby and Powell display reports and awards FoxNews: Jim Powell talks MagLev

MagneticGlide – Interstate MagLev Project
MagneticGlide – Interstate MagLev Project
Welcome Page — includes very good video

Jim Powell's Space-MagLev Launcher
Wikipedia article
StarTram:  Jim Powell’s Space-MagLev Launcher

THE Revolutionary Dualmode Transportation System by Francis D. Reynolds, PE

Magic Highway Still
			(partial) Magic Highway USA, Disney, 1958  (Animated, with intro. by Walt Disney himself  9:03)
Full program (49:05)  

First-ever Modular Electric Car
by Ferdinand Porsche (1898)

Plug In America
“Battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for the public to drive today.”

“Promoting electric drive technologies and infrastructure”
Electric Drive Transportation Association

Rocky Mountain Institute
Reinventing Fire
“… to create a clean, prosperous, and secure future.”

“Good Jobs, Clean Environment, Green Economy”
Blue-Green alliance

BiModal Glideway (detail)
US High-Speed-Rail Association
21st Century Transportation for America

Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation
Smart, U. of Mich.
University of Michigan

Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis

Innovative Mobility Research, UC Berkeley
Innovative Mobility Research
University of California – Berkeley

Competition & Critiques
LeviCar’s Critique of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop
Transparent view of Hyperloop – Thanks to NBC News
Open Letter to Elon Musk — 2013 Sept. 30

ET3Evacuated Tube Transportation Technologies
“Space Travel on Earth”

ET3 vs. Hyperloop
➀ Who Needs Hyperloop?
This Guy Is Building Something Bigger
➁ Vacuum trains: a high-speed pipe dream?
➂ Vactrain (Wikipedia Article)

TEV project
TEV project logo
The transportation model for the 21st century

BiModal Glideway
Solves Traffic Jams, Pollution, and Minimizes Oil Dependency.
BiModal Glideway (detail)

Urban Maglev by General Atomics
GA Urban MagLev
… faster, cleaner means of passenger transport in local communities and urban areas.

Interstate Traveler
Building the World Wide Hydrogen Super Highway…
Interstate Traveler

Government Projects
Federal High Speed Intercity Passenger Rail (HSIPR) Program

California High-Speed Rail Authority

Oliver Cromwell What others are saying about LeviCar
Warts and all
Comments on the LeviCar Proposal and Related Issues by Francis D. Reynolds, PE

The International Maglevboard e.V.
(This webpage also has discussions on Hyperloop, Danby-Powell MagLev, and other advanced transportation proposals)

Other Lists of Advanced-Transportation Systems
Other Cool Ideas (by the TEV Project)

Wikigrain — Bouchard Transportation

Photo Montage of Some People who are Quoted
Motivational-Quotes Page

Today's Quote: “Nature does not demand that we be perfect.  It requires only that we grow.”
Rabbi Joshua Loth Liebman (1907–1948)

Old Car “Original” LeviCar Web Page

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LeviCar is …A system for personal transportation, using modular automobiles that are driven locally on regular roads, and …
that also can travel at 300 m.p.h. on a Magnetic-Levitation (MagLev) rail system for longer distances.
RoboTrail is …A similar system for freight transportation, using tractor-trailer rigs to transport cargo containers locally, and …
using that same MagLev network to transport those same containers for long distances.
Magnetic Levitation Rail is …
(MagLev Rail for short)      
A technology for using magnetism to raise (levitate) a vehicle above a rail to that there is no
mechanical friction (only air drag), and using electrical forces from the rail to propel the vehicle forward.
Superconducting MagLev is … A form of MagLev Rail, first developed in the 1960s by Drs. Gordon T. Danby and James R. Powell, using
superconducting magnets, and usually on elevated rails (300 m.p.h.), or on existing rail (150 m.p.h.).
LeviCar and RoboTrail can: make long-distance transport vastly more energy-efficient and safer;
and, unlike conventional railroads, travel non-stop, and also climb steep hills and mountains easily.
LeviCar can: make medium- and long- distance travel much easier;  increase the reliability of cars,
simplify their maintenence; and assist in the use of automated-highway systems.
LeviCar and RoboTrail cannot: generate clean energy by themselves (except for putting solar cells on the rails);  nor
can they easily cross oceans, except at certain "choke points", like the Bering Straits and at Gibraltar.
LeviCar and RoboTrail constitute:On-Demand High-Speed Rail (OD-HSR), with no schedules, minimal waiting, and no in-between stopping*
that can slow down conventional HSR.  (*except for rest stops)
LeviCar and RoboTrail …bring the Third Industrial Revolution to the Transportation Sector.

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