Form to sign up as T.A.R.D.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Date Display Information Software) Beta Tester, User, and possibly Enhancer

I have devised T.A.R.D.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Date Display Information Software) to display dates for my websites, and  It can do a lot of nifty things with dates.  I want to have it as an open-source project.

The TARDDIS Test Sampler demonstrates the use of its principal function, GS_Date_Range(), in all its variations.  Try it out.

If you want to help me with it, I will send you my original source code to use and play with.  You can make changes to it, and suggest enhancements.  There will be certain restrictions, mostly to protect my own copyrights, and make sure there is minimal confusion as the project goes forward.  All significant enhancements will be acknowledged.  I want T.A.R.D.D.I.S. to remain free to students, amateurs, and small commercial users.  At this point, I am confused as to whether to call it “freeware” or “shareware”.

To request to be so included, send me an e‑mail at, with the Subject as “Sign me up as T.A.R.D.D.I.S. Beta Tester and User”.  All I need is your e‑mail address, but you may fill in other details about yourself or you work, in the body of the e‑mail, if you wish.  (However, I had a little bit of trouble with someone who used this to ask me to buy some OTC drugs.  So, I need to know that you actually are a web programmer, and would appreciate perhaps a link to a website you programmed, or something else to demonstrate such.)

The above link does not work for all people.  If it doesn't work for you, use your favorite e‑mail program, and copy and paste the “To:” and “Subject:” from above, into the appropriate fields, and send it to me.

At first, the restrictions will be that any modifications you make to the source code must be plainly indicated, perhaps with your own copyright notice on the affected portions; and you may not start any functions with "GS_" or vaiables with "$GS_".  You may use "GSa_" or "GSrls_" if "rls" are your initials.

Or, you can use the handy-dandy interactive form, below.  It generates an e‑mail to me, and also sends you a copy, usually as a "Bcc".  You may move that copy into your “Sent Items” (or equivalent) folder.

From:   (mandatory; Put your E‑Mail address here)
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Subject:   Sign me up as T.A.R.D.D.I.S. Beta Tester and User
Body:   (optional) You may add any other details here, including your name, address, phone number, business information, and other comments.

Privacy notice:

Your e‑mail address, with your name should you tell me your name, will be stored in the Address Book on my Workspace Webmail account on Go Daddy.  These, and any other information you may give me will be stored in the Webmail account, or in my own private files.  However, I will never give out, or sell, any of this information without your permission.  If you specifically tell me, I would share your information with other Beta Testers / Users.