LeviCar / PROACCTIVE / Lulue Newsletter # 127  (Thu. 2020/09/24 13:21)
Welcome to issue # 127 of the LeviCar / PROACCTIVE / Lulue Newsletter.

This issue covers updates and changes for three of my websites, since September 18 (09/19 onward).

Website for the General Public, with a lot about my LeviCar project:  http://www.LeviCar.com.

Website for Innovative Transportation Professionals:  http://www.PROACCTIVE.info.

Website as a substitute for the former blog on EVWorld:  http://www.LeviCar.com/LULUE.php.  It has the same content as the previous blog, except for some explanatory notes.  The “catch phrases” are in small type, and highlighted in yellow.

All three websites, above, are “gluten-free” (no cookies) and “caffeine-free” (no java[script], or any other script).  All of LULUE’s events are either in LeviCar.com or PROACCTIVE.info, or both.  LULUE has only upcoming events and a list of various organizations’ event calendars.

Many of the links to EV World are still on LeviCar.com, and I was able to recover them from “The Wayback Machine”.

Research Paper:  Click here to download or view my 25‑page Research Paper, The Future of MagLev: How the Magnetic‑Levitation SuperTurnpike will Revolutionize Ground Transportation (.doc format).

Contest notice: I entered the “Create the Future” Contest for this year, and actually made Two entries.  Details are at: http://www.LeviCar.com/#CreateFuture.

Please don’t forget to look at my entries in the “Create the Future contest”.  The first one is “High-Throughput End-Loaded MagLev Passenger Vehicles” (http://contest.techbriefs.com/2020/entries/automotive-transportation/10635).  The second one is “Soft-Sided Transportation Tubes (SSTTs) – an Alternative to Hyperloop” (http://contest.techbriefs.com/2020/entries/automotive-transportation/10730).

Other Contests:

NASA Langley Launches $20,000 UAV ‘Safeguard’ Competition (postponed due to COVID-19).

Collaborate To Innovate (C2I) Awards (Contest, UK only) Entries due Friday, September 18:

Newly-Added Item: (other than events)

Newly-Revised Item: (other than events)

New Events on the websites:

New Jersey Electric Vehicle 101 Webinar   Th, October 1, 5 to 6 pm EDT

Free Webinar:  Eliminate waste and optimize battery pack production with advancements in pump technology and sealant equipment   W, October 7, 2:00 pm EDT

Revised Events on the websites:

AltCar Expo — Special Agency Update Session   W, October 7, 1 pm PDT — Added Latest E-Mail

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles   M‑Th, April 26‑29 — New Image

Events with due dates within the next ten days (until Sun., October 4):

Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit and Expo
 • Call for Innovations due Fri, Sep. 25 (re‑extended)
 • Call for Poster Submissions:  Abstracts due Fri, Sep. 25 (re‑extended)

SBIR/STTR FALL Innovation Summit   Call for Fast-Track Innovations due Fri, Sep. 25 (extended)

IEEE 93rd Vehicular Technology Conference   VTC2021-Spring 2021   Call for Papers:  Five-page paper due Mon, Sep. 28

IN THE NEWS  (Notice that the criteria for this is much broader than for PROACCTIVE.info):

Consortium of auto suppliers launches multi-material EV battery casing project
Study highlights rise in battery tech patents
Building environmentally friendly electric vehicle batteries from deep sea rocks
Tesla rival?  Bill Gates-backed electric vehicle battery startup comes into limelight   (Might also pertain to “Business”)

Tesla Battery Day:
How Tesla Battery Day can silence the critics once and for all   (Might also pertain to “Business”)
Musk: Battery Day tech will go high-volume in 2022, help offset cell shortage
Battery Day:  Tesla Battery Plan is to Halve the Cost per KWH of Batteries   (This article is full of infographics.)
Tesla: Our Next-Gen Battery Tech Will Help Create a $25,000 Electric Car
1,100-hp Model S Plaid and other highlights from Tesla's Battery Day   (Also might go under“Fuel-Cell Cars”.)

EV Charging:
F Tel Aviv set to become first city with electric roads that charge public transportation
Report: Cadillac making charger investment mandatory for dealers, as brand moves mostly electric   (Might also pertain to “Business”)
2021 VW ID.4 will include 3 years of unlimited Electrify America fast charging

Electric/Fuel-Cell Cars:
Polestar points to “a disturbing lack of transparency” about EV carbon footprint
Audi Plots the Future of its Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
2021 VW ID.4 revealed: 250-mile electric SUV starts at $41,490

Electric/Fuel-Cell Trucks:
Ford VP Disses Cybertruck, Calling Electric F-150 a “Real” Work Truck
Ford says electric F-150 will be “a workhorse,” will begin production in mid-2022   [Includes promotional video (0:36)]
Daimler reveals long-haul hydrogen fuel-cell semi for series production in late 2020s
Rivian R1T electric pickup: Towing 11,000 pounds up Davis Dam Grade, in scorching heat   [Includes video (7:42) about Death Valley test]
The Micro EV Industry Is Growing Thanks in Part to the Pandemic
All-composite EV wheel heads to production

Clean Generation of Hydrogen:
Report urges action on hydrogen blending

Self-Driving Cars and Trucks:
Amazon’s Zoox Gets Green Light for Robotaxi Tests in California
Musing About Limited Access Parking And Autonomous Vehicles
North Fulton becomes a global connected vehicle tech test site

Tesla Energy to become $200B revenue business, Piper analyst predicts
Nikola’s Weak Response To Allegations Raises More Questions
Electric Vehicle Company Admits It Faked Fuel-Cell Semi Truck Demo   [Includes film clip (0:39) that people say is “faked“]
Nikola – Company in Deep Trouble After Founder and Executive Chairman Steps Down
Stocks To Watch:  All Eyes On Tesla Battery Day

Electric Aircraft:
Universal Hydrogen and Magnix building world's largest hydrogen plane

Electric Buses and other mass-transit (but not rail):
German Space Agency Shows Off Outrageous Modular Vehicle Prototype
Shaffhausen, Switzerland to deploy 15 Irizar e-buses
COTA purchases zero-emission Xcelsior CHARGE transit buses from New Flyer

Governmental Affairs:
Mich. Detectives to Drive Tesla

HyperloopTT to pitch Tampa-St. Pete tunnel bullet train concept to Tampa transit authority

Design concept raises the idea of a water-driven Yamaha motorcycle

Special notes:

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The websites are updated as needed.  New and recently-revised items are indicated by small ovals on the upper-left corners of the link-blocks.  See http://www.LeviCar.com/Guide.HTML#Oval.

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Thank you for your attention.

    —  Josh Levin (Dr. Zev)

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