LeviCar / PROACCTIVE / Lulue Newsletter # 219  (Sat. 2021/12/11 20:16 EST)
Welcome to issue # 219 of the LeviCar / PROACCTIVE / Lulue Newsletter.

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This issue covers updates and changes for three of my websites, since November 29 (that date onward).

Website for the General Public, with a lot about my LeviCar project:  http://www.LeviCar.com.

Website for Innovative Transportation Professionals:  http://www.PROACCTIVE.info.

Website as a substitute for the former blog on EVWorld:  http://www.LeviCar.com/LULUE.php.  It has the same content as the previous blog, except for some explanatory notes.  The “catch phrases” are in small type, and highlighted in yellow.

All three websites, above, are “gluten-free” (no cookies) and “caffeine-free” (no java[script], or any other script).  All of LULUE’s events are either in LeviCar.com or PROACCTIVE.info, or both.  LULUE has only upcoming events and a list of various organizations’ event calendars.

Many of the links to EV World are still on LeviCar.com, and I was able to recover them from “The Wayback Machine”.

Research Paper:  Click here to download or view my 25‑page Research Paper, The Future of MagLev: How the Magnetic‑Levitation SuperTurnpike will Revolutionize Ground Transportation (.doc format).

Contest notice: The “Create the Future” 2021 Contest is closed.  For my own entries for 2019-20, click at: http://www.LeviCar.com/#CreateFuture.
Other Contest:

NASA Langley Launches $20,000 UAV ‘Safeguard’ Competition (postponed due to COVID-19).

Newly-Added Item: (other than events)

Newly-Revised Item: (other than events)

DoT SBIR Dept. of Transportation Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) solicitation — Updated List of Topics

DoD SBIR/STTR Programs — Deadline extended for Air Force X21.S CSO

New Events on the websites:

Revised Events on the websites:

IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC) 2022   W‑F, June 15‑17 — Deadline Extended

Events with due dates within the next ten days (until Tue., December 21):
Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2020‑Fall
 • Call for Papers due Mon, Dec. 13
 • Call for Workshop Proposals due Mon, Dec. 13
IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC) 2022   Call for Papers:  Digests due Fri, Dec. 17 (extended)

IN THE NEWS  (Notice that the criteria for this are much broader than for PROACCTIVE.info):

What I would like you all to do is to check my list of blogs and bulletins, currently at http://www.LeviCar.com/#Group-B and look at any of those that you think are interesting, and subscribe them if you wish – most of the subscriptions are free.  This way, you can keep up-to-date.  I shall continue to post links to exceptional articles in the newsletter, as well as articles from sources not on the list.  Later, I plan to separate out this list into a standalone webpage.

Electrochemical pulses address weakness in next‑gen lithium metal batteries
Xos’ modular Lyra battery series can give commercial EVs up to 500 miles of range   [Includes video (0:53).]
How to design interconnects for EV battery management systems

EV Charging:
Cooler means quicker:  How EV fast-charging stops might get shorter without bulkier cables
GM and EVgo step up fast-charging network to ease urban EV ownership, electric ride hailing

Electric Cars:
Tesla is losing US EV market share but gaining luxury share, now outselling Mercedes-Benz
Wireless inductive charging could sell more EVs, concludes study for tech leader

Electric Trucks:
China’s Geely reveals Homtruck: Big-data rival to Tesla Semi due in 2024
Tevva lands $57m for electric and hydrogen trucks

Electric Vehicles in General:
What’s It Like Engineering the Component Packaging for EV Startup Faraday Future?   [Includes video (7:21) which I did not fully review.]
Comment:  A space-age approach to platooning
EV vs. gasoline:  Lifetime CO2 footprint keeps getting better with renewable energy mix
Measuring the true impact of electric vehicles

Self-Driving Cars, Trucks, and Delivery Robots:
Walmart route in NW Arkansas goes driverless

Self-Driving Off-Road Machinery:
Autonomous haulage in the cement sector
Honda shows off the latest version of its ‘Autonomous Work Vehicle’   [Includes video (2:45).]
Life on the farm won’t be the same with the Electric Monarch autonomous tractor   [Includes video (8:59) that I did not review.]

Sensors / AI Training / Microchips / Software for Self-Driving Vehicles:
Protecting First Responders From Autonomous Vehicles

Tesla Wants Court Approval of Defamation Case Victory   The former employee said Tesla falsely accused her of criminal conduct Cristina Balan’s LinkedIn page.
Lordstown Endurance electric truck delayed to Q3 2022, as Foxconn acquires factory   (Also pertains to “Electric Trucks”.)

Electric Aircraft:
Hyundai spins out its eVTOL air taxi business, naming it Supernal   [Includes video (1:44).]
XAG V40 agri-drone uses just two rotors for better performance
Volocopter performs South Korea’s first crewed air taxi flight   [Includes video (4:51).]
eMagic Aircraft unveils tandem-wing air taxi prototype   [Includes two videos (2:03) and (3:05).]

Guest blog:  Skills must keep pace with emerging technology
Transitioning to electric vehicles isn’t enough: Public transit use needs to double

Governmental Action:
Excitement Grows for Chicago-to-St. Louis High-Speed Route

Hydrogen-powered aircraft offer fresh perspective for sustainable travel
Electrifying innovation at McLaren Applied

The Coming Of Age   Growing up, in the age of the car.
Le Pas d’Acier   Two steps on the water.
Hello Kitty   Daihatsu:  Committed to cute since 1951.

Special notes:

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    —  Josh Levin (Dr. Zev)

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