LeviCar / PROACCTIVE / Lulue Newsletter # 197  (Mon. 2021/07/26 21:40 EDT)
Welcome to issue # 197 of the LeviCar / PROACCTIVE / Lulue Newsletter.

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This issue covers updates and changes for three of my websites, since July 16 (07/17 onward).

Website for the General Public, with a lot about my LeviCar project:  http://www.LeviCar.com.

Website for Innovative Transportation Professionals:  http://www.PROACCTIVE.info.

Website as a substitute for the former blog on EVWorld:  http://www.LeviCar.com/LULUE.php.  It has the same content as the previous blog, except for some explanatory notes.  The “catch phrases” are in small type, and highlighted in yellow.

All three websites, above, are “gluten-free” (no cookies) and “caffeine-free” (no java[script], or any other script).  All of LULUE’s events are either in LeviCar.com or PROACCTIVE.info, or both.  LULUE has only upcoming events and a list of various organizations’ event calendars.

Many of the links to EV World are still on LeviCar.com, and I was able to recover them from “The Wayback Machine”.

Research Paper:  Click here to download or view my 25‑page Research Paper, The Future of MagLev: How the Magnetic‑Levitation SuperTurnpike will Revolutionize Ground Transportation (.doc format).

Contest notice: The “Create the Future” 2021 Contest is open for voting only  Click here.  For my own entries for 2019-20, click at: http://www.LeviCar.com/#CreateFuture.

Other Contest:

NASA Langley Launches $20,000 UAV ‘Safeguard’ Competition (postponed due to COVID-19).

Newly-Added Item: (other than events)

Newly-Revised Items: (other than events)

Maglev2000 — New link & Legacy link

Dept. of Energy Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) — Added colors to Date Format

Dept. of Defense Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) — DARPA HR001121S0007 -17 deadline extended

Eno Center for Transportation — Added back in

New Events on the websites:

Free Webinar:  Green Testing EV Batteries and Fuel Cells with Regenerative Electronic Loads   Tu, August 3, 10 am EDT (7 am PDT; 4 pm CEST)

Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting   Su‑Th, January 9‑13

Revised Events on the websites:

Powertrains, Fuels & Lubricants Meeting   Tu‑Th, September 28‑30 — Corrected Registration

TechConnect Europe Innovation Conference & Expo   M‑W, November 15‑17 — Deadline extended

Events with due dates within the next ten days (until Thu., August 5):
  •  SDA HQ085021S0001 -11 and -12 will be open Tue, Jul. 27 (tomorrow), and close to direct communication with topic authors at that time.
  •  DARPA HR001121S0007 -17 will be open until Thu, Jul. 29, 12 noon EDT.
Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting   Call for Papers:  Full Papers due Sun, Aug. 1

IN THE NEWS  (Notice that the criteria for this are much broader than for PROACCTIVE.info):

What I would like you all to do is to check my list of blogs and bulletins, currently at http://www.LeviCar.com/#Group-B and look at any of those that you think are interesting, and subscribe them if you wish – most of the subscriptions are free.  This way, you can keep up-to-date.  I shall continue to post links to exceptional articles in the newsletter, as well as articles from sources not on the list.  Later, I plan to separate out this list into a standalone webpage.

Report:  Multiple battery suppliers are vying to make Tesla 4680 cells
Recurrent’s new battery guides analyze range of pre-owned Tesla Model 3s and Chevy Bolts
Hold your breath for a better battery
GM reveals more technical details of its Ultium battery packs
How You Get Your Lithium has a Big Effect on Greenhouse Emissions

EV Charging:
Electrify America’s Boost Plan to more than double the size of its charging network by 2025
Study:  Emissions of electric fleets depends greatly on the “when, where, and how” of charging
StressCrete embeds electric vehicle charging station in spun pole
Denver company teams with Fermata Energy for V2B bidirectional charging pilot
Southern California Edison aims to help site hosts install 38,000 EV chargers
Musk:  Tesla Supercharger network will be “open to other EVs” in 2021

Electric Cars:
Ford Mustang Mach‑E sets world record for EV efficiency
Infiniti envisioned its near future around series hybrids, now says they’re cut from the lineup
Bosch claims a CVT will help EVs optimize performance and range   (I’ll see it when I believe it!)
Bullet-like Pininfarina concept car reshapes electric driving

Electric Trucks:
How do the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T compare?

Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell Vehicles:
Universal Hydrogen to convert 15-plus airliners to run on H2 pods

Self-Driving Cars, Trucks, and Delivery Robots:
Tesla Full Self-Driving is now a $199 [monthly] subscription
Autonomous vehicles require acceptance to save lives
Intel’s Mobileye begins testing autonomous vehicles in New York City   [Includes Vimeo video (42:06), that I did not review.]

Self-Driving Off-Road Machinery:
VIDEO:  John Deere shows platooning electric robot tractors swarm   [Includes video (3:11) Discussion on LinkedIn.]

Sensors / AI Training / Microchips /Software for Self-Driving Vehicles:
Smart Eye Deputy CEO Talks Automotive AI

EVs Won’t Save Ford

Electric Aircraft:
Heart Aerospace secures $35 million for electric planes, purchase order from United Airlines

Autonomous Aircraft:
Researchers ask industry for military technologies in artificial intelligence (AI) and unmanned aircraft

China debuts world’s fastest train   (The pictures seem to show a Transrapid train.)

How Software Is Eating the Car   The [current] trend[s] will add 108s lines of code to cars.  Can the auto industry cope?.
Smart Bike Predicts Cars’ Trajectories, Honks To Warn of Impending Crash
Goodyear testing experimental road tire that doesn’t use air   (For experimental vehicles in Jakcsonville, FL.)
Deep thinking: DARPA’s underground robot challenge
Mireo Plus H hydrogen train to be tested in Bayern
Elon Musk risks repeating history’s mistakes as he tries to reinvent transit
Report:  1 in 10 drivers burn nearly a third of US gasoline

Third Time Lucky, but Second Time’s a Charm (Part One)   (Part Two)
Understanding the Welsh Air. And Yoghurt.   (Lucid dreams.)
History in Cars – Brand New, You’re Retro.   (Life with a Peugeot 304S – part two.)
From A to B   (A fly on the dashboard documentary series from the early ’90s captivates your Northern England correspondent this week.)

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    —  Josh Levin (Dr. Zev)

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