LeviCar / PROACCTIVE / Lulue Newsletter # 212  (Tue. 2021/10/12 21:44 EDT)
Welcome to issue # 212 of the LeviCar / PROACCTIVE / Lulue Newsletter.

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This issue covers updates and changes for three of my websites, since October 8 (10/09 onward).

Website for the General Public, with a lot about my LeviCar project:  http://www.LeviCar.com.

Website for Innovative Transportation Professionals:  http://www.PROACCTIVE.info.

Website as a substitute for the former blog on EVWorld:  http://www.LeviCar.com/LULUE.php.  It has the same content as the previous blog, except for some explanatory notes.  The “catch phrases” are in small type, and highlighted in yellow.

All three websites, above, are “gluten-free” (no cookies) and “caffeine-free” (no java[script], or any other script).  All of LULUE’s events are either in LeviCar.com or PROACCTIVE.info, or both.  LULUE has only upcoming events and a list of various organizations’ event calendars.

Many of the links to EV World are still on LeviCar.com, and I was able to recover them from “The Wayback Machine”.

Research Paper:  Click here to download or view my 25‑page Research Paper, The Future of MagLev: How the Magnetic‑Levitation SuperTurnpike will Revolutionize Ground Transportation (.doc format).

Contest notice: The “Create the Future” 2021 Contest is closed.  For my own entries for 2019-20, click at: http://www.LeviCar.com/#CreateFuture.
Other Contest:

NASA Langley Launches $20,000 UAV ‘Safeguard’ Competition (postponed due to COVID-19).

Newly-Added Item: (other than events)

Newly-Revised Items: (other than events)

DoT SBIR Dept. of Transportation Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) solicitation — Changed Color Codes for Dates

DoD SBIR/STTR Programs — Added Announcement

New Events on the websites:

Revised Events on the websites:

Events with due dates within the next ten days (until Fri., October 22):
DoD SBIR/STTR Programs — SBIR 21.3 / STTR 21.C   will close on Thu, Oct. 21, 12 noon EDT.
TechConnect Europe Innovation Conference & Expo
 • Call for Presentation:  Abstracts (200 words max.) due Fri, Oct. 22 (extended yet again)
 • Innovation Showcase:  Innovations due Fri, Oct. 22 (extended yet again)
SysCon 2022 (16th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference)   Call for Papers:  Abstract & full paper due Fri, Oct. 22

IN THE NEWS  (Notice that the criteria for this are much broader than for PROACCTIVE.info):

What I would like you all to do is to check my list of blogs and bulletins, currently at http://www.LeviCar.com/#Group-B and look at any of those that you think are interesting, and subscribe them if you wish – most of the subscriptions are free.  This way, you can keep up-to-date.  I shall continue to post links to exceptional articles in the newsletter, as well as articles from sources not on the list.  Later, I plan to separate out this list into a standalone webpage.

Tesla Co-Founder Calls Ford EV Investment ‘Unprecedented’
GM envisions electric vehicles with 600 miles of range with new battery research center
“Dead zone” discovery could bring high-density silicon batteries to life

EV Charging:
Electrify America Charging Network Upgrades to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto   (More info on Electrify America.)
Dawn of the 900-kW EV ultra-charger, and a battery that can handle it   (Maybe.)
The future of EV charging and liquid cooling components

Electric Cars:
First Drive Review:  2022 Lucid Air delivers a new leading edge for EVs
Volkswagen’s ID.4 electric crossover has it all – practical and fun
Volvo parent Geely reveals $9,000 Geometry EV for China, bullish on battery swapping   (Another Chinese make, Nio, also uses battery swapping.)
GM claims Ultra Cruise will go hands-free in 95% of scenarios, due in 2023   [At least GM is honest enough to call Ultra Cruise an “advanced Level 2 ADAS system …” rather than FSD (Full Self-Driving).  Also pertains to “Self-Driving Cars …”]
Using driver in the loop simulation to guide electric vehicle development
The 11 most exciting electric vehicles hitting streets in 2022, from Ford’s electric F-150 to an ultra-sleek Cadillac SUV

Electric Trucks:
What have Daimler electric truck fleets taught over a million real‑world miles?
Glass-roofed all-electric Chevy Silverado will debut at CES 2022

Electric Vehicles in General:
Self-driving Citroën Skate carries swappable pods for inner‑city travel   [Includes video (23:20) with open captioning, so you do not need closed captioning.]

Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell Vehicles:
SunLine welcomes five new hydrogen fuel-cell buses, advancing hydrogen projects   (Uses the PEM Hydrogen Electrolyzer – see Germany to host world’s largest PEM electrolyser from Newsletter # 166.)
Foothill Transit approves contracts that will advance its hydrogen fuel-cell fleet plans
Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car goes 845 miles between fillsódriven very slowly   (that is, using hypermiling.)
New BASF membrane adds 50% more power to HyPoint hydrogen fuel cells   [Includes video (1:33).]

Clean Generation of Hydrogen:
California “Green Hydrogen” CO2 Electrolysis From Renewable Energy

Electric Motors and their controllers:
Frameless DC Motors

Sensors / AI Training / Microchips / Software for Self-Driving Vehicles:
Leeds aims to improve safety in autonomous vehicles
Brain pattern study at Ford aims to identify driver fatigue   [Includes video (2:06) with open captioning for you to read.]

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe likens the R1T to Rocky Road ice cream   (Long, but interesting, human-interest story about how the Rivian people got together.)
Report: Tesla is alleging theft of battery trade secrets by Rivian   (Also pertains to “Batteries”.)
Tesla Will Have [More] Revenue Than GM in 2022

Electric Bicycles, Motorcycles, and Scooters:
Tiler tech wirelessly charges ebikes through their kickstand   [Includes video (2:39) – Use close‑captioning (CC) as the audio is full of reverberation.]

Electric Aircraft:
NASA Selects GE, MagniX to Demonstrate Electric Propulsion Systems for Commercial Aircraft   [Includes audio reading of article (0:52).]

The big hurdle to jump-starting solar, wind energy and electric cars

Governmental Action:
5 Midwest States Form Electric Vehicle Pacts   (Also pertains to “EV Charging”.)
Democrats’ electric vehicle push sparks intense lobbying fight

Study:  Taking Uber or Lyft costs society and environment more than driving yourself   (Also pertains to “Electric Cars”.)
Global Energy Crisis Is the First of Many in the Clean-Power Era   (Paywalled!)

Technical Articles and Papers:
Click here to download:  Free eBook explores in-vehicle networking’s future

Car badges:  the history behind 8 familiar motoring logos.

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    —  Josh Levin (Dr. Zev)

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