LeviCar / PROACCTIVE / Lulue Newsletter # 184  (Wed. 2021/04/14 18:42 EDT)
Welcome to issue # 184 of the LeviCar / PROACCTIVE / Lulue Newsletter.

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This issue covers updates and changes for three of my websites, since April 9 (that date onward).

Website for the General Public, with a lot about my LeviCar project:  http://www.LeviCar.com.

Website for Innovative Transportation Professionals:  http://www.PROACCTIVE.info.

Website as a substitute for the former blog on EVWorld:  http://www.LeviCar.com/LULUE.php.  It has the same content as the previous blog, except for some explanatory notes.  The “catch phrases” are in small type, and highlighted in yellow.

All three websites, above, are “gluten-free” (no cookies) and “caffeine-free” (no java[script], or any other script).  All of LULUE’s events are either in LeviCar.com or PROACCTIVE.info, or both.  LULUE has only upcoming events and a list of various organizations’ event calendars.

Many of the links to EV World are still on LeviCar.com, and I was able to recover them from “The Wayback Machine”.

Research Paper:  Click here to download or view my 25‑page Research Paper, The Future of MagLev: How the Magnetic‑Levitation SuperTurnpike will Revolutionize Ground Transportation (.doc format).

Contest notice: The “Create the Future” Contest is open for 2021.  Click here.  For my own entries for 2019-20, click at: http://www.LeviCar.com/#CreateFuture.
Other Contest:

NASA Langley Launches $20,000 UAV ‘Safeguard’ Competition (postponed due to COVID-19).

Newly-Added Item: (other than events)

Newly-Revised Item: (other than events)

Dept. of Defense Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) — Added two more announcements

New Events on the websites:

IEEE National Aerospace & Electronics Conference – IEEE NAECON 2021   M‑Th, August 16‑19

Revised Events on the websites:

24th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation – ITSC2021   Su‑W, September 19‑22 — Deadline extended; Made Hybrid (In‑Person and Virtual) http://www.PROACCTIVE.info/#ITSC

The IEEE Vehicular Power and Propulsion 2021 (VPPC 2021)   M‑Th, October 25‑28 — Special-Sessions Deadline extended

Events with due dates within the next ten days (until Sat., April 24):

The IEEE Vehicular Power and Propulsion 2021 (VPPC 2021)
 • Call for Papers due Fri, Apr. 16 (moved up)
 • Call for Special Sessions:  Proposals (3-5 pages) due Mon, Apr. 19 (extended yet again)
24th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation – ITSC2021   Call for Papers due Tue, Apr. 20 (final extension)
International Conference on Ecology and Transportation (ICOET)   Call for Abstracts due Fri, Apr. 23

IN THE NEWS  (Notice that the criteria for this are much broader than for PROACCTIVE.info):

What I would like you all to do is to check my list of blogs and bulletins, currently at http://www.LeviCar.com/#Group-B and look at any of those that you think are interesting, and subscribe them if you wish – most of the subscriptions are free.  This way, you can keep up-to-date.  I shall continue to post links to exceptional articles in the newsletter, as well as articles from sources not on the list.  Later, I plan to separate out this list into a standalone webpage.

Unifrax introduces new Li-ion anode technology
Flexible Battery Has 10 Times More Power than Current Lithium Designs
LEAF batteries find a second life in automated guided vehicles

EV Charging:
F Electric vehicle charging company announces first open charging platform
But see also … The US Is Real Close to Screwing Up Electric Vehicle Charging Forever
Volkswagen Group and BP partner to expand ultra-fast charging across Europe
ChargePoint cooperates with truck stop chains to deploy public charging across the US
Biden plan spends more on EV charging than on roads and bridges, and some say that’s a problem
Report: Battery swapping might still boom, for taxis or ride-hailing

Electric Cars:
Self-driving EV takes a slow, steady approach to solar-powered mobility   (Also pertains to “Photovoltaics”.)
Newly Passed Right-to-Repair Law Will Fundamentally Change Tesla Repair

Electric Trucks:
Volvo Penta and TICO partner to develop e-trucks
Does Your ‘Zero-Emissions’ Vehicle Really Offer the Lowest Emissions?   (This article argues that Propane Autogas, made from waste oil, is cleaner than electricity.)
New study says commercial truck electrification is within reach
From Global Giants to Feisty Startups, Electric Trucks Battle for Supremacy

Electric Vehicles in General:
Will Solar Panels and Electric Yachts and Tankers Rule the Waves?   (… or maybe waive the rules?.)
How to Build a Better EV Tire:  A Look at Continental’s New “HL” Tires

Electric Motors and their controllers:
Draper wins patent for electrostatic motor

Sensors / AI Training / Microchips /Software for Self-Driving Vehicles:
Street-based radar system designed to save pedestrian lives
Omnidirectional depth and stereo camera designed to improve upon traditional stereo cameras
A Warning System for Self-Driving Cars Learns from Failures
Tesla’s cameras in cars not activated outside North America – Weibo
The Impact of Automatic Emergency Braking on Cars and Crashes

More Billions for Tesla from China and EU Gas Car Penalties
Tesla’s Valuation Isn’t Justified By Full Self-Driving And Its Solar Business
Nikola loses key fuel-cell development exec

Electric Aircraft:
ZeroAvia raises $24 million in new funding, speeds development of 50‑seat zero‑emission aircraft
Lawsuits fly as Wisk accuses Archer of stealing eVTOL designs.  (Also pertains to “Business”.)

Autonomous Aircraft:
AI-Based Platform Tests Drone Delivery System

Governmental Affairs:
USDOT makes $1 billion available for newly branded RAISE grants
More Billions for Tesla from China and EU Gas Car Penalties.  (Also pertains to “Electric Cars”.)
The key things to know about Biden’s EV infrastructure plan

Could free-piston range extenders broaden the electric-truck horizon   [Includes two videos (3:29 and 4:24).]  The two videos appear to depict two different architectures, one with a single combustion chamber (Libertine), and the other with two opposing combustion chanbers (Durham U.).  They mention clean fuels, like hydrogen and bio‑ethanol.  It seems to me that if you’re gonna use those, why not just “burn” them in fuel cells.

Technical Articles and Papers:
How to Size a Gearmotor

Strange EVs:  How did we get Here?   (Slide show.)
New Frontier – (Part Eight)

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    —  Josh Levin (Dr. Zev)

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