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SAE CEU Course: Electrochemical Energy Systems for Electrified Aircraft Propulsion: Batteries and Fuel‑Cell Systems</b>  (<i>Joint AIAA / SAE course</i>)
Instructors:  Natesa MacRae, Sr. Researcher, National Research Council of Canada (NRC);  Erik Spek, Chief Eng., TÜV SÜD Canada;  and Dr Dacong Weng, Princ. R&D Eng., Honeywell Aerospace.1.6 CEUs
“… Electro-chemical Energy Systems (EES), with an emphasis on electrified aircraft propulsion and power applications.”
SAE CEU Course: Robotics for Autonomous Vehicle Systems Bootcamp
Instructors:  Dr. Venkat Krovi and Jeff Blackburn6.0 CEUs
“You’ll develop a deep, technical understanding of how to build autonomous systems by learning to program a mobile robot through hands-on approaches using ROS, Gazebo, and Python.”

ITS Central Eastern Congress
“… to promote the development and deployment of ITS in Central and Eastern European countries.”
Why Attend?
InnoTrans 2022
InterTraffic Istanbul
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“…  discover new technologies, products, and smart solutions to deal with today’s and tomorrow’s mobility challenges.”
Exhibitors’ info.
SAE CEU Course: ADAS Application: Automatic Emergency Braking
Instructor:  Eldon Leaphart0.7 CEUs
“Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) is one ADAS application [by] nearly all automakers …”
SAE CEU Course: Introduction to Highly Automated Vehicles
Instructor:  Jeffery Blackburn1.3 CEUs
“Highly automated vehicles (HAVs) offer the potential to significantly reduce or eliminate most vehicle crashes by … taking action to avoid or mitigate the crash.”

SAE CEU Course: Principles of Cost and Finance for Engineers
Instructor:  James Masiak2 CEUs
“it is critical that engineers possess a working knowledge of engineering economics principles.”
SAE CEU Course: Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Engineering Academy
Instructors:  Saeed Siavoshani, Davide Andrea, Richard Byczek, Gene Liao, Manoj Shah, Robert Spotnitz, and Caisheng Wang3.8 CEUs
“… covers hybrid and electric vehicle engineering concepts, theory, and applications [that] apply primarily to the passenger-car industry.”
14<sup>th</sup> ITS European Congress
“ITS: The Game Changer”
Why Attend?
Technical Visits
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Joshua Zev Levin

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I hold a Ph.D. degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

After a career in computer programming, I have decided to also take up solving ground transportation problems by combining existing technologies into a system that can handle most inter-city transportation needs, displacing air, rail, and highway.

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